Wednesday, January 26, 2011

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This book has been rising sharply on amazon raking and occupied position 6 at the time of writing. The book is so popular that it has been reviewed by over 900 customers. This is just a testament in itself, the more customers reviewing the book, the better it is.
This book is worth reading and more especially is ending. If you read the author%u2019s other two books, you will sear they are the same but in my opinion, this one is different and unique. It appears the author picked up from where he left with his previous book. Blomkvist is doing a good job in investigating those who wanted to frame her and exose all their deceitful actions. It is very interesting to note that he continues to attract lots of ladies to him.

It will not be wise of me to tell you all about the book but I will just give you a generak review to the best of my ability. My overall impression of the book is that it was the least edited of the three previous books. I really think some of the section needs to be cut out from this book as they just waste of paper without any purpose.

I do not think the plot moved along very well compared to the other books. The suspense was there but to the degree one would have expected. Maybe it was me expecting too much but really find the previous books more exciting as I could not put them down but just continue reading. There were some grammatical errors in the book and maybe again it%u2019s just me being too sensitive.

I truly love the ending of this book, I think its well written and ties everything together. The ending to me appears to be the only best and well structured part of this book. For the ending alone, this story is worth reading. I was really not sure whether to rate this book 3 or 4 but ultimately gave it 4.

to wrap it up, everyone who has read the first books will be doing to themselves injustice if they don%u2019t get the final instalment of what I think was the best. Although the books could have been better than the other books, I still find its ending to be the best of the rest. It is indeed a sad state of affairs that the author passed away before he could fine tune the book and continue writing other books.
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