Saturday, January 29, 2011

Summary of Jeremiah Johnson Movie


Jeremiah Johnson is a lovely movie that i have watched in a decade. This is the story of man who escaped and went to live in the mountains. Jeremiah adapted to the mountain life as he found himself a mentor.

He also married an indian woman and adopted a child. He then lost his wife and a child after not doing what was expected from him during a cultural indian burial. He then struggled again to put back his life on track.

This was one of the most exhelerating movies i have watched in a very long time. I will advice anyone who will be raeding this block to go watch the movie or buy DVD. I am waiting for the DVD to be released and i promise its gonna be one of those DVD i watch every single month.

The movie is good that it has been rated highly by over 500 000 people reviewing movies all over the worl. It has been rated very higly by american reviewers and the same is expected all over the world where it has not yeeb been released.

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