Thursday, January 27, 2011

The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman

Let me go straight to the point and confess that I did enjoy the book. I am not going to fool anyone and claim that it’s the best, but honestly this is one of the few books I have read. I was quite an eye opener to read about all the staff the author has been trough and has done.  I have applied some of his recommendations and benefited a lot already. For some of you wanting to read to buy the book, here is short what’s in the book.

The author spent many years just noticing the developments of his own body and mind. He was his own gene pig, he played different role and in the preparation of his book. Like a school boy, Ferris teaches you how to get your classwork done fast so you can go out and play. Ferris is asking the reader to be sceptical and only apply things that you deem practical or necessary in yo life.

Let’s look at what is in the chapters:

Chapter 1: Fundamentals--First And Foremost

In this chapter, the author talks about getting maximum out put from minimum input.

Chapter 2: Ground Zero--Getting Started and Swaraj

in this chapter, Ferris demonstrates using Mahatmah Gandhi as an example, that only you have a total control of your actions.

Chapter 3: Subtracting Fat

Here are the 5 rules the author suggest to cut fat:
1. Reduction of white carbohydrates
2. Eat the same few meals over and over again
3. Watch what you drink, don’t drink caloroes
4. Don't eat fruit
5. Take one day off per week

Chapter 4: Adding Muscle

This whole chapter is dedicated on building muscle and gaining weight. Ferris gives strategies that can be applied to gain about 34 pounds in 28 days with some of the  exercises that includes Occam's Protocoli, the Bike-Shed Effect, and GOMAD (Gallon of Milk a Day).

Chapter 5: Improving Sex

Ferris talk about a woman who never experienced orgasm in her life. He promised to fix her problem only if she bring herself and participate in the process.


* The 15-min Female Orgasm
The essence of this chapter is about to communicate with your partner during sex, change the angle of penetration. The author is tells you exactly how to locate the sensitive part of clitoris which he suggest must be stroked gently for about 15 minutes.

Chapter 6: Perfecting Sleep

This is one of my favourite chapters. Ferris share with the readers some of the things they can do to improve their sleep and sleep better as well.

 This is what the author suggests:
* Your focus must only be at trying to get sleep
* The room temperature must at least be 67ºF to 70ºF
* Have a meal that is fat and protein dominated at least 3hrs before sleep
* Use deamed light in the bedroom
* It helps to take a cold bath an hour before sleep
*  Try to sleep in the half-military crawl position

How to Sleep Less and Feel Great
Ferris is sharing his secrets to trick the REM by having 20 minutes naps through out the day

Chapter 7: Reversing Injuries

In this chapter, the author shares how he fixed his permanent injuries with some concoction  

Chapter 8: Running Faster and Farther

This is one of the most fascinating chapters about this book. It talks about Ferriss’s achievements in sports like jumping, running and many other where he improved his performance.

Chapter 9: Getting Stronger
The following exercises are what the autjor suggests wil get you stronger and in shape quickly:
Dynamic stretching

Lift heavy but not hard

Static stretching

Bench press, push-ups, deadlift to knees

Chapter 10: From Swimming to Swinging
In this chapter the author talks about how he learned to swim effortlessly in just ten days


Chapter 11: On Longer and Better Life
* Take 5-10 grams of Creatine Monohydrate per day
* Fasting and Protein Cycling
* Donate blood

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